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CPP20218: Certificate II in Security Operations

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Start your exciting career with Multisec Training and study to become a security Patrol Guard, this a Nationally recognised training qualification with the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations.

10 Days Security Training Course

A Patrol Guard duties involve the periodically checking of a a defined perimeter to ensure no criminal activity has occurred and check everything is as it should be.

The face-to-face component of the Patrol Guard training is completed over 10 days, our training courses run from Monday to Friday, with the weekends off, however we do have weekend course available and these can be done over 5 weekends.
Once you have completed the patrol guard training course, you can apply for a NSW Security Licence, with the NSW Security Licence, you are entitled to perform unarmed security guard including work as a Patrol Guard in NSW.

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Security Patrol Guard
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Course start dateCourse end dateCostDuration
18/03/2024 29/03/2024$900.0010 day course
01/04/2024 12/04/2024$900.0010 day course
13/04/2024 12/05/2024$900.0010 day weekend course
15/04/2024 26/05/2024$900.0010 day course
29/04/2024 10/05/2024$900.0010 day course

The First Aid course is to be completed prior to starting the Certificate II Security Operations course.


CPP20218: Certificate II in Security Operations

Online Duration:

Completed prior to course commencement

Classroom Duration:

10 days of face-to-face instruction


$1,100 (Weekday course), $1,300 (Weekend course)

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One of the best security training courses in Sydney

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I Love Cholesterol
I Love Cholesterol
Multisec Training provides an exceptional experience in the realm of security education. Their courses are not only comprehensive but also well-structured, ensuring that participants gain a thorough understanding of security protocols and practices. The instructors demonstrate a high level of expertise and engage students effectively. The training materials are up-to-date, reflecting the latest industry standards. Multisec Training's commitment to excellence shines through, making it a reliable choice for individuals seeking a top-notch security education.
bob mcdilan
bob mcdilan
Very well taught, highly recommend, Gregory was an amazing teacher, great staff but mainly Gregory !
Ahmad Dabboussi
Ahmad Dabboussi
Really good training great people you will love it greg is amazing
Matthew Zavaleta
Matthew Zavaleta
Amazing training services, friendly staff, super easy to understand highly to recommend
Glen Ive
Glen Ive
Excellent instruction. Clear and concise communication throughout, Thank you
Tony Gabba
Tony Gabba
Thank you very much for the experience. I really appreciated that you took your time with me. I would recommend this class to anyone doing a security course. I
HonCheong Wong
HonCheong Wong
I love the way Jamal conducted the classes. He shared a lot of real life experience and lessons and tips to handle different situations. He shares method to maintain calmness during and after work. Excellent supports from the staffs. Big thank you to everyone in Multisec training.
Paras Sharma
Paras Sharma
Jamal excels as a teacher, and the staff is highly supportive.
Santu Lucky
Santu Lucky
The best trainer ever had, has given all depth information in regards to course with scenarios and ensure how professional security officer needs to be in real life

Security Licence Course:
Frequently asked questions

To enrol in the NSW Security Licence Course, CPP20218-Certificate II in Security Operations, you need to meet the following pre-qualification criteria:

  1. Age: You must be 18 years of age or over.
  2. Citizenship or Residency: You must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a visa permit sponsored by a Master security licence holder or a visa for a skilled occupation aligned to the activities authorized by the intended licence.
    Changes to Visa for Security Licence Course as of 1/6/23
  3. Language Proficiency: You must have a reasonable level of proficiency in the English language, as security work involves communication with clients, colleagues, and members of the public.
  4. National Police Check: You must provide evidence of a current National Police Check that is no more than three months old.
  5. ID Verification: You must provide evidence of your identity, such as a passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate.
  6. Unique Student Identifier (USI): You must have a valid USI, which is a nationally recognized reference number that gives you access to your training records.
  7. First Aid Course: You must complete a HLTAID011-Provide First Aid Course, prior to enrolment of the CPP20218-Certificate II in Security Operations.

Whether a career as a security guard is considered good can depend on individual preferences, circumstances, and career goals. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the potential of a security guard career:

  1. Job Stability: The demand for security services is generally consistent, providing a level of job stability. Security guards are needed in various industries, including commercial, residential, event security, healthcare, and more.

  2. Entry-Level Opportunities: Becoming a security guard often requires minimal educational requirements, making it accessible for individuals seeking entry-level positions or those looking to transition into a new field.

  3. Skill Development: Working as a security guard can provide opportunities for skill development in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, observation, emergency response, and problem-solving. These skills can be transferable to other professions.

  4. Career Progression: With experience and additional training, security guards can advance to supervisory roles or specialize in specific areas such as executive protection, cybersecurity, or risk management.

  5. Industry Variety: Security guard positions can be found in a wide range of industries, allowing individuals to choose an area that aligns with their interests or offers unique opportunities. This variety can add diversity to one’s career path.

  6. Professional Development: Many security companies offer ongoing training and development programs to enhance skills and keep up with evolving industry standards and technologies.

  7. Personal Fulfillment: Some individuals find satisfaction in the role of protecting people, property, and assets, contributing to a sense of safety and well-being in their communities.

  8. Equal Opportunity: The career path of a security guard is open to both male and females,  there has been a positive shift to the number of females working in the security industry.

It’s important to note that the nature of the job may involve irregular working hours, potential risks, and demanding situations. Additionally, salaries for security guards can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and industry.

Considering these aspects, individuals should assess their own interests, skills, and long-term career goals when determining if a security guard career aligns with their aspirations. Researching the specific opportunities and potential for growth in their desired location can provide valuable insights.

Weekday courses start each Monday, and we also offer a calendar of weekend courses. Multisec Training Rooms are located at 15/191 Parramatta Road, Auburn, NSW. We are close to main roads and there is ample parking onsite.

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