New Changes for NSW Security Licence for Visa Holders

As of 1 June 2023, various amendments to the NSW Police Class 1ACSecurity Licence have been mandated to meet Visa requirements.


As of 1 June 2023, various amendments to the NSW Police Class 1AC Security License have been mandated to meet Visa requirements.

These  requirements will ensure that all applicants for the NSW Security Licence will maintain their Visa status. From 1 June 2023, applicants must either be Australian citizens or permanent residents, or hold a visa permit sponsored by a Master security licence holder or a visa for a skilled occupation aligned to the activities authorized by the intended licence. These changes have been implemented to comply with Visa permit regulations.

Your Security Licence may not be able to be renewed

The proposed changes to visa holders for the issue of a security licence mean that if you hold a current security licence but don’t meet the new visa requirements, you may retain and renew your licence. However, you won’t be eligible to reapply for a licence if your current licence expires or it is surrendered, revoked, or ceases to be in force for any other reason.

To maintain your visa status, holders of a valid security license and visa are strongly encouraged to stay on top of these changes. Multisec Training is dedicated to helping individuals apply for their security licence before 1 June 2023, providing personalised assistance for all security licensing course applicants.

Course time frame for new changes to come into effect

The Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate has clarified that visa holders who apply for a security licence before June 1, 2023, won’t be affected by the new changes. This means that if your security licence course starts or finishes after the given date, your licence application won’t be impacted as long as you apply before the deadline.

New Security Licence courses starting ever Monday

Multisec Training recognizes that the recent changes to the NSW Security Industry will have a significant impact. Therefore, we’re collaborating with security firms and individuals who possess visas and aspire to acquire a security licence. To aid current visa holders, we’ll commence Security Licence Course every Monday from 24 April to 29 May 2023. This will assist them in enrolling in the course before the changes take effect and applying for a security licence by the 1 June 2023 deadline.

Dead line for Visa holders to complete the course

We urge all current and prospective security personnel to act quickly to obtain their security licence before the 1 June 2023 deadline. Don’t let these changes catch you off guard – contact Multisec Training today to get started on your security licence application.

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