Female Security Guard Training : All the Facts You’ll Ever Need to Know

Female security guard is becoming a more popular career choice, there has been a positive shift to the number of females working in the security industry.


Training to be a security guard is not a male dominant occupation, female security guard is becoming a more popular career choice, in recent years there has been a positive shift to the number of females working in the security industry. 

A female Security Guard can be a rewarding career choice, women have excellent conflict resolution skills which can aid in situations required for security resolutions. In Fact, many male security officers will say that some of the best security officers they have worked with are female. The reasons for this are many, but include what was just stated, i.e., that they have excellent skills in conflict and resolution management.

 The other skills and abilities female security guards have include, that they can go into women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms where males cannot. They can also speak to female victims of crime, or those females who need help that only another female can provide. They also have skills in talking to men who are upset or emotional or may have had a bit too much to drink.

There are many roles a Female Security Guard can play in the security industry.

They have for many years taken up roles in the corporate sector where they dealt with Corporate Suite clients and assisted their clients in many ways.

Female security guards don’t always need to be the ones who work in the corporate sector and many more are now finding how rewarding it can be to be at the coal face of security work, which is dealing with all manner of challenges at what could be referred to as the street level. This includes working in hospitality and other front-line areas such as traffic control, building sites, and shopping centres.

Your height as a female security guard does not matter

There is a very much a misconception that height matters. This could not be further from the truth. The greatest weapon any security officer has is the ability to communicate. Communication is not relegated to tall people, people of all heights and statures have the ability to communicate. It is very much accepted that the skills you learn in your security course will teach you how to communicate and how important communication is. Your height in no way affects your performance in a security course, or your performance on the job as a security officer.

As we have already discussed, the work of a Female Security Guard is no different to that of their male counterparts. The bulk of security work involves the ability to communicate, not muscle people into submission.

Qualifications are not gender specific

The qualifications to become a security guard are the same for males and females, in order to become a security guard, you must first obtain a security licence, you will also have to have successfully completed an accredited course such as the Certificate II in Security Operations.

If you are interested in becoming a lady guard, the process is the same as a man guard and all you need to do is call Multisec Training to find out how to enrol and how long the course is and when it will run. 

If you want to become a lady security guard, rest assured that you don’t need any qualifications. All you need is that you meet the identification requirements of the NSW Police Security Industry Enforcement Directorate, that you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen or have a visa that allows you unlimited work rights in Australia. It is important to understand that if you have a student visa, you are not permitted to enrol in a security course.

Course Cost

Certificate II Security Operations CPP20218 completed at Multisec Training in Auburn.

  • $1,100  Weekday Course
  • $1300.00 Weekend Course


Multisec Training delivers the security licence course in Auburn Sydney, at  15 / 191 Parramatta Road, AUBURN NSW 2144 with free onsite parking for our students.

Become a female security guard in Australia enrol today at Multisec Training located in Auburn Sydney.

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When you train with Multisec Training to be a security guard, we deliver Premium Security Guard Training.

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