In NSW some security guards carry firearms, however they must possess a firearms licence to do so.

For a security guard to be authorised to carry a firearm when they are working as a security guard, they must first do the CPP31316 – Certificate II in Security Operations with a training organisation that has been authorised by the NSW Police to deliver the qualification. 

Once they are authorised to carry a firearm and do security guard work that involves the use of a firearm, they can get a job, say for instance to escort cash. 

All security guards can obtain a permit from the Commissioner of the NSW Police Force to carry a baton, however the permit is difficult to get as the security guard must prove toe the NSW Police Commissioner that they have a need to carry a baton. Further they must prove that they have received the correct training to carry and use a baton. 

There are no other weapons, such as tasers and handcuffs that security guards could be authorised to carry and use in their role as a security officer. 

The Security Guard Training Course is held in the Multisec Training Office in Sydney.

The easiest way of obtaining a CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations in NSW is to do the course with Multisec Training.

It is the easiest because our course only runs for two weeks, we have the smallest classes in the State, we are the most economical in the State, and we have some of the most talented and experienced trainers in NSW.