Is a security guard a good career?

Becoming a security guard is a fantastic career for people of all ages, with a large variety of jobs they can choose from, including Static Security Guard.


Becoming a security guard is a fantastic career for people of all ages, with a large variety of jobs they can choose from.

Security guards can perform duties such as mobile or static patrols, or crowd control in hotels and large venues such as music festivals. A Security Officers work is highly respected and important as they work with the police and with the client to reduce the risk of crime. Although it is for all ages, security guards still need to be physically fit. This isn’t to say that security guards need to be Olympic athletes, but they do need to be able to walk and stand for extended periods of time and they need to possess good upper body strength. The reason for this is at times they need to be able to carry people who are injured or in harm’s way and can’t move themselves, or you may need to restrain a person who is intending to harm you or members of the public.Being a security guard means that you will have plenty of diversity and opportunities. Provided you possess the correct security guard licence and have done the correct training, you could get a job escorting valuables or cash, or you could get a job working with a security guard dog, or protecting a VIP, these duties will require a different licence classification.

Security Guard Services offered

A security officer can be armed or unarmed depending upon their classification of security licence for NSW, different levels of security training is required for each certification. The security officer can be employed either full time or part time depending upon the company.

Security Guard License Class 1 security activities include:

Certain classifications require a different type of certification.
  • 1A Unarmed Guard
  • 1B Bodyguard
  • 1C Crowd Controller
  • 1D Guard Dog Handler
  • 1E Monitoring Centre Operator
  • 1F Armed Guard.
Being a security guard is also a great social outlet, as you meet people from all walks of life and you also work with people from all over the world who have come to Australia and NSW to start a new life. To pass the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations course you must attend our training rooms to apply in person. At the time you apply you will sit an English and Numeracy assessment, which is a basic assessment of your English and Numeracy skills.

The Security Officer Training Course is held in the Multisec Training Office in Sydney.

The easiest way of obtaining a CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations in NSW is to do the course with Multisec Training.It is the easiest because our course only runs for two weeks, we have the smallest classes in the State, we are the most economical in the State, and we have some of the most talented and experienced trainers in NSW.Every suitable student who completed the Security Guard Course at Multisec Training is guaranteed an offer of employment with Multisec Security and affiliated security companies.When you train with Multisec Training to be a security guard, we deliver Premium Security Guard Training.
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