Essential Steps to become a Security Guard in NSW

Securing an unarmed security guard position in NSW can be a gratifying and rewarding vocation for those invested in safeguarding people and assets.


Securing an unarmed security guard position in NSW can be a gratifying and rewarding vocation for those invested in safeguarding people and assets.

However, it is important to understand the necessary steps and qualifications required to become a licensed security guard in NSW.

Step 1: Meet the eligibility requirements

To be eligible to become an unarmed security guard in NSW, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a current and valid NSW Security Industry Licence. You must also be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or hold a valid visa that allows you to work in Australia.Eligibility rules for visa holders to obtain a security licence will be changing on the 1rd June 2023.

Step 2: Complete the required training

To become a licensed security guard in NSW, you are required to complete the relevant training courses. This includes the Certificate II in Security Operations, which covers essential knowledge and skills such as communication techniques, legal and ethical responsibilities, risk assessment and management, and first aid.

Step 3: Apply for a security licence

Once you have completed the necessary training, you can apply for a NSW Security Industry Licence through the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate (SLED) website. The application process involves submitting your personal details, proof of identification, and evidence of your completed training.

Step 4: Start your Career

In NSW, unarmed security guards can offer a range of services such as mobile and static patrols, as well as crowd control in hospitality establishments and big events such as music festivals. Additionally, guards can be employed to provide retail, corporate, hospitality, educational and government security

Step 5: We guarantee you a job as a Security Guard

Obtain your security guard licence sydney at Multisec Training our team will offer thorough guidance and support to help each student obtain a security licence and gain employment at Multisec Security or one of our partner firms in NSW.

Step 6: Maintain your licence

To keep your NSW Security Industry Licence current, you must complete regular training and renew your licence every three years. This involves completing a refresher course and demonstrating that you have met the required competencies.In conclusion, becoming an unarmed Security Guard in NSW requires a combination of training, experience, and licensing. By following the necessary steps, you can develop the skills and qualifications needed to pursue a fulfilling career in the security industry.
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