New changes to NSW Security Licence July 2023

Effective June 1, 2023, NSW Police have recognized alterations that’ll affect new applicants & current security licensees, including master class licenses.


Starting from June 1, 2023, the NSW Police have identified several modifications that will impact both new applicants and existing security licensees, including those holding a master class license in NSW.

New Changes to NSW Security Licence

Effective 1 June, anyone who is a registrable person or corresponding registrable person within the meaning of the Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000, and has reporting obligations under that Act, will not be eligible to hold a NSW Security Licence. Current security licensees affected by this change will not be able to renew their security licence

The Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate will also ban a person from applying for a security licence for two years if they are refused a licence on fit and proper person or public interest grounds. The person will be notified of the ban in writing. 

New Changes to Master Licence Holders

In addition, effective 1 June 2023, Master licence holders must not allow a person who are not eligible to hold a security licence on criminal or other related history grounds, or have been refused a security licence on fit and proper person and public interest grounds in the previous five years, or have had a security licence revoked on fit and proper person or public interest grounds in the previous five years, to perform the following tasks;

  1. work in the cash-in-transit sector,
  2. work in any area involving access to operational information relating to the licensee’s security business,
  3. work requiring the person to roster or schedule the carrying on of any security activity by a person who holds a class 1 or class 2 licence, or

monitor the performance (as in supervise) of a class 1 or class 2 licensee carrying out a security activity. 

This does not apply if the refusal or revocation decision was overturned, or if a licence was subsequently granted to the person.

An ineligible person to carry on prescribed work. It will also be an offense for an ineligible person to carry on prescribed work. 

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