In order for students to get a security licence they must first complete a  certificate CPP20218-Certificate II Security Operations, they can then apply to SLED for a 1AC security licence in NSW.

However students must still meet other criteria to apply for a security licence, this criteria includes:

  • Age- You must be at least 18 years of age, this does not mean that you must be 18 to attend the training to become a security guard, only that you must be 18 when you apply to become a security guard.
  • No Criminal Conviction– You must be a fit and proper person, which means you must not have any criminal convictions, and that you are able to prove to the NSW Police that you do not have any criminal associates and that you have not committed any offences that involve drugs, violence or dishonesty, or terrorism.
  • Citizen or Visa– You must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, or have a Visa that permits unlimited work rights, student visa is not permitted to get a security licence.
  • Identification Requirement– Have a Driver’s Licence, Photo Card, or Customer number from NSW Roads and Maritime Services

Prior to commencing the Security Guard course, you will be required to obtain a HLTAID011-Provide First Aid Course, for Multisec Students enrolled in the Certificate II in Security Operations the course cost is discounted to  $100.00.

Pre Learning Requirements

Once you decide to enroll into a security licence course in Sydney, you will be required to undertake a number of pre-learning exercises and quizzes prior to commencing your face to face classes.

Short Training Course

Multisec Training was the first provider in NSW to offer a Security Licence Enforcement Directorate approved Security Licence Course that went for two weeks.

All other providers at that time were only offering a three-week course. A number of providers have now followed suit, seeing the benefit to industry and to the students in a shorter, more targeted and relevant security licence course.

As previously stated, the length of Multisec Training’s security course is ten days face to face learning, as well as a number of days pre-learning.

Course Length

The pre-learning can at times make the length of the security license course go for up to five weeks. However, you are in control of this and could, provided you reduce the length of time you take to do the pre-learning, which of course if self-paced, to as little as 3 weeks. This includes a week of pre-learning and 2 weeks face to face.

Multisec Training has a number of very experienced trainers who come from various areas of the NSW Security and Law Enforcement industries.

Security Licence Course includes 10 Days Face to Face Learning

The course learning involves hands on practical training in a fun supportive environment.

With Multisec Training, the security guard course costs $1,100.00 and will take 10 days face to face learning to complete. It also involves up to 63 hours of online learning.

Security Course Costing $1,100 for 10 Days Weekday Course

Paying $1,100 for the security guard course will not guarantee you a security licence, you will still be required to successfully complete the CPP20218-Certificate II in Security Operations course with Multisec Security. Upon successful completion of the course, you can then apply to the SLED for a Class 1AC Security Licence, a further cost of $200 per year will be required or $640 for a 5 year licence.

Our Auburn Training Centre Location

Multisec Training delivers the security licence course in Auburn Sydney, at  15 / 191 Parramatta Road, AUBURN NSW 2144 with free onsite parking for our students.

Multisec Training delivers affordable Security Guard training, located in Auburn Sydney.

Student Testimonial Female Security Guard


Certificate II in Security Operations


Enjoyable training


Friendly Training enviroment


Protect myself and people around me


Be the best person you can be

Multisec Training Delivering Premium Security Guard Training

When you train with Multisec Training to be a security guard, we deliver Premium Security Guard Training.
Other Available Courses

Certificate II in Security Operations

Training for a career as a Security Guard, to become a Security Guard in NSW you require a CPP20218-Certificate II Security Operations, this qualification is nationally recognised.

Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis

This qualification is for security risk analysts who apply technical security and operations expertise in a risk management environment. CPP41519-Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis

First Aid Course

This course has been designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to provide first aid. This certificate HLTAID011-Provide First Aid is to be completed prior to starting Certificate II Security Operations course.

CPR Course

This course has been designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to provide CPR. Your CPR skills could save a life. Certificate HLTAID009-Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation