Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate is empowered to administer the NSW Security Industry, including all security training.

The Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate encourages good practices within the security industry to ensure a professional quality security training is provided by the approved SLED providers. 

Who they are

They gain the power to do this from the Security Industry Act 1997 and the associated Security Industry Regulation 2016. The intent of the Security Industry Act 1997 is to provide for the licensing and regulation of the NSW Security Industry. 

They do this through various means, including site audit and visits of locations where security related operations are being undertaken such as at licenced premises, building sites, corporate buildings, and any other location where security officers are being employed and undertaking security activities, such as static and mobile patrols and crowd control.   

What they do

The mission of the Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate is to ensure a safe and secure NSW with the help of a competent, ethical and professional security industry.

Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate uses education, probity assessments and compliance audits to encourage good practices within the industry and protect the general public and law-abiding licence holders from unlicensed operators and criminal exploitation.

A key component of a competent and professional security industry is quality security training. S.L.E.D plays an active role in ensuring graduates from security licensing courses have all the information and skills they need for a career in security.

Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate also takes a lead role in educating and engaging with the security industry and providing opportunities for industry representatives to make suggestions and raise concerns.

In addition to enforcing the legislation, S.L.E.D refers possible criminal matters to operational police for investigation and provides expert support when required.

Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate also administers the Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry (CAPI) Agents Act 2004 and conducts probity assessments for new and renewing CAPI licensees. A CAPI licence entitles a person to conduct covert and overt investigations and to administer various functions empowered to them by the Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry (CAPI) Agents Act 2004

Multisec Training is a SLED approved Registered Training Office.

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Multisec Training Delivering Premium Security Guard Training

When you train with Multisec Training to be a security guard, we deliver Premium Security Guard Training.

Other Available Courses

Certificate II in Security Operations

Training for a career as a Security Guard. To become a Security Guard in NSW you require a Certificate II in Security Operations, course CPP20218, this qualification is nationally recognised.

First Aid Course

This course has been designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to provide initial life support through CPR. This course is to be completed prior to starting Certificate II Security Operations course.

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