Is a security guard a good career?

Security Guard Career

Becoming a security guard is a fantastic career for people of all ages, with a large variety of jobs they can choose from, including Static Security Guard.

The Most Common Security Guard Duties

Security Guard Course Parramatta

The duties of an unarmed security guard may include securing a commercial premises and patrolling a property. Crowd control in hotels and music festivals.

How do I get a 1AC Security Licence?

Multisec Training- 1AC Security Licence

To apply for a 1AC Security Licence in NSW, first you need to complete a security licence course, which you could do with Multisec Training in Auburn.

Weekend Security Course Now Available

Security License Course

The weekend security courses that Multisec Training conducts run for 5 weekends, over which you will learn everything you need to know to become a security guard. Further, you will be eligible to apply for a security licence and then get a job in the NSW Security Industry.