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Security Guard Course Granville

Multisec Training, situated in Granville, offers top-notch Security Courses in Sydney, aiming to equip individuals with the skills and confidence needed to excel as security guards.

Our extensive security course in Granville can be completed within 10 days, incorporating online and offline components and covering 14 essential units of competencies. Before enrolling, completing the mandatory first aid course in Granville is necessary.

Our Course aligns with the nationally recognized CPP20218 Certificate II in security operations, providing a thorough education. We take pride in our exclusive training program, encompassing fundamental knowledge and cutting-edge industry technologies, all taught by our exceptional faculty.

You’ll find us conveniently located at 15/191 Parramatta Road, Granville, NSW 2144, with the added benefit of free onsite parking. Our location is easily accessible by bus, making it a convenient choice for aspiring security professionals in Granville.

Enrolment Dates for your Security Guard Course

Course start dateCourse end dateCostDuration
18/03/2024 29/03/2024$900.0010 day course
01/04/2024 12/04/2024$900.0010 day course
13/04/2024 12/05/2024$900.0010 day weekend course
15/04/2024 26/05/2024$900.0010 day course
29/04/2024 10/05/2024$900.0010 day course

The First Aid course is to be completed prior to starting the Certificate II Security Operations course.


CPP20218: Certificate II in Security Operations

Online Duration:

Completed prior to course commencement

Classroom Duration:

10 days of face-to-face instruction


$1,100 (weekday course), $1,300 (weekend course)

As a security officer, your duties will include:

  • Regularly patrolling and monitoring to maintain safety.
  • Checking people and items entering the premises.
  • Protecting property without the usage of firearms.
  • Observing people’s actions inside the designated zone.
  • Ensuring order and security, such as escorting individuals off the premises, to maintain order and security on the grounds.

Learn from Seasoned Experts in the Industry

Acquire valuable skills through our security course in Granville. Our trainers have years of experience in the security industry and law enforcement and are dedicated to teaching you essential techniques and knowledge to become a confident security officer or guard. We support your success during and after the training, helping you apply for a Class 1A security license. With our guidance and support, you’ll be well prepared to start a successful career in security.

Security Guard Training Includes:

The CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations consists of essential and optional courses covering various security operations aspects, including first aid courses in Granville. While the specific units may vary depending on the training provider, common units typically contain:

  • CPPSEC2101 Maintaining security through clear communication.
  • CPPSEC2102 Working effectively within a security team while adhering to legal standards.
  • CPPSEC2104 Use risk assessment to determine and carry out security risk response actions.
  • CPPSEC2103 Ensuring security by following Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), emergency response, and evacuation procedures.
  • CPPSEC2104  Using risk assessment to determine and carry out security risk responses.
  • CPPSEC2105 Providing high-quality security services to diverse clients.
  • CPPSEC2106  Implementing fundamental defensive measures to protect individuals.
  • CPPSEC2107  Conducting patrols to monitor premises and maintain security.
  • CPPSEC2108  Screening individuals, personal belongings, and items to maintain security.
  • CPPSEC2109 Controlling and monitoring the entry and exit of people and vehicles.
  • CPPSEC2110 Managing and monitoring individual and crowd behaviors using security procedures.
  • CPPSEC2111 Using security procedures to handle intoxicated individuals.
  • CPPSEC2112 Employing security measures to remove individuals from the premises.
  • CPPSEC2113 Safeguarding people and property through escort services.
  • Providing first aid, including credit transfer for HLTAID011.

The NSW Security License Training Course includes all the necessary components of the nationally recognized CPP20218 Certificate II in security operations qualification.

NSW Security Licence Course Sydney

At Multisec Training, we offer exceptional support throughout and after your security guard training program. We are committed to helping you acquire the knowledge and qualifications necessary to apply for an unarmed security guard Class 1A security license.

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