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Multisec Training offers unique experiences with outstanding teachers who can teach and deliver security courses within the Sydney area.

The security courses we offer are targeted not only at those living within Sydney but also in rural areas.

Before commencing any security courses in Sydney and NSW, you will need to apply. The application process for security courses within the Sydney area involves attending the training rooms or other location as determined by our training company. At Multisec Training, we conduct the enrolments in our training rooms at Bankstown. The enrolment process involves filling out an application form for the security courses in Sydney area and then completing a pre-enrolment assessment. The assessment is an assessment of basic literacy, learning and numeracy. At the time of enrolment for the security course, you will also need to provide us with proof of you possessing a current first aid certificate and proof of identification. The proof of identity documents required is listed on SLED’s website and includes government-issued documents such as driver’s licence and passport.

We commence our security courses in Sydney with students studying online and working through what has been described repeatedly as informative and stimulating content. The course’s online component must be finalised prior to you commencing the face-to-face component of the security course delivered in our rooms.

Our security courses delivered within Sydney are conducted in first-rate premises close to a CBD and public transport. Our rooms have recently been renovated with state-of-the-art equipment, including separate assessment and learning facilities. We are close to transport and large shopping centres that contain numerous food outlets.

Our teachers are all skilled and highly educated and experienced in all facets of the content and delivery of security courses conducted within Sydney. Because of this, you are assured of receiving quality training that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a highly competent security officer.

Once you have completed your training with us, you will receive a Certificate II in Security Operations, a Nationally recognised qualification. This qualification will allow you to apply for a security licence with the NSW Police Force and the Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate (SLED). When you apply, you will also need to provide SLED with proof of identification and a copy of your first-aid certificate.